The Second Focus Group planned for the project took place last weekend in Santa Coloma, with the participation of Romanian citizens who are currently living in the territory of Spain. The target group consisted in the selection of people of Roma ethnic origin who live in a socially vulnerable situation with few abilities to influence or participate in decision-making processes. Because of methodological reasons, the participants has been split into two groups according to their age, the elder ones participating on Saturday, while the youngers on Sunday.

19 people in total shared their reflexions about their current situation in the host country, about management and surviving tools of everyday life and contributed to the discussion with thoughts about their own cultural traditions, habits and costums and how all these fit into the day-to-day context of Spanish reality.

We are enormously greatful for the participants for sharing their ideas of a great value to the project and especially thankful for  the association SAOROMA for the collaboration and help they provided in the group management.